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Jason Puckett

Sherman vs. Peterson


Dear sports gods...thank you for delivering this tory line to all of us in the broadcasting profession!  I love this back and forth between Richard Sherman and Patrick Peterson. The reason i love it is because I don't take it too seriously and I recognize the absurdity and hilarious nature of it.  But, with that said, this is a topic that will have both fan bases angrily defending each other. 

I just did some very quick (4 cups coffee) research this morning because the Vampire (9 month old) decided to get up and 5am and have  a party in the living room...I love kids. 

Anyways, so Peterson says he locks up against the very best receivers in the game, correct? Well, I looked at their game logs from a year ago and noted the other teams best receiver and what they did against the Cardinals and Peterson.  Now it should be noted that I'm not 100% sure that Peterson locked up against these guys for the entire game. However, I'm just basing this "research" on the fact that Peterson says he is a lockdown corner who faces the best wideouts in the game. I think you'll agree that I've taken the best receiver from each team in these games. 

Detroit - Calvin Johnson: 6 receptions 116 yards 2 TD's.  I know it's Calvin Johnson...I'm not going to make a big deal about this, just typing down the numbers. 

Seattle - Golden Tate: 4 receptions 77 yards.  

Atlanta - Harry Douglas: 12 receptions 121 yards. I mean, it's Harry Dougals! Go check the box score of that game and see if you can honestly answer who the other receivers are, minus Tony Gonzalez. 

Houston - Andre Johnson: 5 receptions 37 yards. Johnson was targeted 12 times in that game.  If Peterson matched up the whole time than he did a heck of a job against one of the best in the game. 

Tennessee - Kendall Wright: 12 receptions 150 yards. Wright was targeted 20 times!!! Keep in mind that the QB that day was Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Great beard. Not so good of a quarterback. 

San Francisco - Anquan Boldin: 9 receptions 149 yards and 1 TD.  Division rival. You have a chance to win 11 games and Colin Kaepernick targets Boldin on 11 of his 34 attempts and completes 9 of them. A lockdown corner probably shuts that receiver down in one of the biggest games of the 


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